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CFO On Demand provides startups with the skills, services and insights they need at their unique stage of business. We deliver value through our people — and if you believe you’re a good fit for what we do, we want to hear from you.

We were born from a common startup need.

Our founder Justin McLoughlin was an early employee at Apartment List, working as a Controller at the San Francisco-based start-up. When Justin decided to return to the Midwest, the remaining team didn’t have the time (or desire) to take over his back-office accounting and financial duties. Like many start-ups, they needed a reliable, scalable accounting solution — but it was still too early to hire a full-time CFO or controller. So Justin agreed to support Apartment List remotely, ensuring that accounting, payroll, tax and bookkeeping tasks were fully and efficiently accomplished every month.
With that successful arrangement in 2012, Apartment List became airCFO’s first client. Since then, we’ve grown our presence from Silicon Valley to serving more than 100 startups across the U.S. today. When airCFO manages your accounting back office, taxes, and acts as your part-time CFO, you get an experienced and trusted business partner from day one. To talk with Justin about how airCFO can help accelerate your growth, schedule a call today.

We were born from a common startup need.

We believe companies should stand for something and prove it through their actions. At airCFO, we strive to grow a network of founders, partners and employees who:

Promote Diversity. We strive to be a company where individuals from every background feel empowered, welcome, safe and challenged. We work to build an inclusive environment that increases the participation of underrepresented groups in tech and encourages diversity of thought, knowledge, identity and perspective.

Take Ownership. In our industry, reputation is everything. We rely on our founders for referrals, continued business and the ultimate success of our organization. The experience we deliver to our founders and our employees is a primary reason we’ve managed to grow quickly and become a leader in our space. And our willingness to be responsible and accountable for our work sets us apart, both as a service provider and as a place to work.

Go Above and Beyond. We value helpfulness. Each day we ask ourselves, “How can I help make my coworkers’ and founders’ lives easier by taking an extra step?” Success is a collective goal — one that we share with our peers and founders. To get there, we take steps to do more than just the standard; we reach outside our roles and find ways to create impact across various parts of our organization.

Promote Transparency and Collaboration. As a remote-first organization, we know that the only way to successfully navigate our workflows and interactions is by working transparently and collaboratively. We share work before it’s polished and complete to realize the benefits of additional eyes, early feedback and proving our own output. By “working in the open” with others, we build trust and grow as professionals and individuals.

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